The Practice of Direct Awakening course

The Practice of Direct Awakening by Craig Hamilton

What Is The Practice of Direct Awakening?

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The Practice of Direct Awakening is a method of awakening that has been taught to thousands of people over the past decade. In this book, you will learn the five essential practices that are the foundation for awakening. This method involves resting in intuitive open-mindedness. As you practice this technique, you will become aware of the impersonal divine, nature, mind, krishna, and yahweh.

The direct teachings are only applicable when the ego ceases to engage with them. The experience of awakening is personal and unique to each individual. The practice of direct awakening is an experiential process, and requires a deep commitment to practice without ego. You must be free of any egocentric agenda or expectations to achieve the enlightened state. This will require patience and discipline. While the direct teachings can be challenging, they will provide you with the necessary tools to achieve awakening.

The Practice of Direct Awakening teaches you to step into your own true nature by practicing being Awake. Awakened consciousness is the state of consciousness that is unaffected by circumstances. It does not grasp after certainty, or identify with thoughts, nor does it react mechanically to circumstances. It is a state of consciousness that naturally is aware of the vast, open field of consciousness, and is free of ego and thoughts. The practice of direct awakening breaks the process of awakening into three smaller leaps of insight.

The Practice of Direct Awakening offers thirty practices for cultivating greater awareness of the unseen dimensions of being. The 30 practices range from simple expression of “I am” to exploring the fundamental ground of our existence. Adya stresses the fact that awakening occurs in many small glimpses. The book provides practical pointers for integrating these experiences into the fabric of daily life. You’ll experience a sense of profound awareness in each practice.

In the first step of the meditation process, you should practice embracing the radical truth that you are not separate from anything. Once you accept the truth about who you are, you’ll find yourself open to infinite freedom, joy, and the fullness of life. Ultimately, embracing this radical truth will bring you to your full potential. The practice of direct awakening will change the way you think about yourself, and it will empower you to live a life filled with extraordinary experiences.

The Practice of Direct Awakening course

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Who is the Creator of The Practice of Direct Awakening?

All three modules are facilitated by Craig Hamilton. Each video covers a different core theme, highlighting key insights and principles. The course is accessible online via the Online Learning Portal, and you can download the course materials at the end of each module. Each video also includes three meditation audios, each lasting 30 minutes. These audios reinforce the inner postures and practices introduced in each module. These guided meditations are powerful catalysts for awakening.

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